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Have you ever calculated how much money you spend on traditional cigarettes? Have you ever wondered what the cost of switching to electronic cigarettes would be and how much money you could save?

Now you can with's unique electronic cigarettes savings calculator. Simply input your smoking data into the table below and through our extensive database of electronic cigarette brands and prices we can work out exactly how much money you could save per day and per year. The savings are based on how many traditional cigarettes you smoke per day and which e-cig brand you would like to try!

To calculate how much you could save simply enter how many regular cigarettes you currently smoke per day and how much you pay for a pack of 20. You can then browse between the electronic cigarette brands below and compare your daily and annual savings.

Once you have calculated how much you could save by switching to e-cigs, check out the full starter kit reviews on the site to get the full, informative low down on each of the brands!

E-Cig Savings Calculator

  • Cigarettes you smoke per day
  • Pack of 20 cost of your current brand
  • Brand of e-cigarette
  • Current annual smoking cost
  • annual smoking cost
  • Savings Per Day
  • Savings Per Year
Cost of 5 Cartomisers
  • Product
  • E-lites
    £ 19.99
  • Green Smoke
    £ 10.97
  • Intellicig
    £ 7.99
  • Neatcigs
    £ 11.6
  • Okcigs
    £ 16.6
  • Skycig
    £ 10.95
  • Smartcigs
    £ 7.99
  • Vapouriz
    £ 9.99

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