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Are you new to the world of Vaping? Trying to understand the terminology and have no idea where to start? This is a common problem out there and here at Compare-Ecig we have made it our mission to try and simplify, help, advise and recommend all things ecig no matter what your current level of understanding is. For a great place to start you can check out our beginners section of the website. 


I recently recieved an email from somebody feeling exactly as stated above with so may questions that he couldn't find a straight answer online for. He raised some very valid questions and points which I want to share with you as these questions along with my honest opinions and answers may well help some of you out there with similar burning questions of your own. Please see email chain below ;-

From: Anon
Sent: Sunday, February 02, 2014 7:56 PM
Subject: A few queries


I've made a decision to try to switch to e-cigarettes. I'm unsure of a few of things and hope you're able to answer my questions.
1. I currently smoke JPS Black which have a nicotine content of 0.9mg per cigarette. How do I know what the equivalent content is for an e-cig when they mostly seem to talk in terms of percentage nicotine, as opposed to milligrams?
2. Although I’m sure it varies from brand to brand, approximately how long does it take for a battery to charge in the USB? I just envisage me needing a ‘smoke’ but then having to wait hours for the battery to be re-charged!
3. I’m slightly confused by the numbers! Using Green Smoke as an example: If a fully charged battery can give up to 7 cigarettes worth, doesn’t that mean I’ll need to recharge the battery twice a day!? Or is it the case that one fully charged e-cig will last way longer than an ordinary tobacco cigarette? Sorry, just can’t get my head around how these e-cigs work in comparison to tobacco cigs.
4. I get the impression that some e-cig cartomisers are throw-away, whereas others you can re-charge yourself from some kind of nicotine vial. Have I understood this correctly? If so, if one method cheaper than the other? What are the advantages/disadvantages.
Your Cost Savings calculator is very useful, but without me understanding the answers to my above questions, I’m not sure I follow the Maths of your calculator!
Many thanks for your help, I look forward to your answers.
Kind regards,

Sent: Tuesday, February 04, 2014 4:49 PM
To: Anon
Subject: Re: A few queries
Thank you very much for your interest in our website and the very valid questions you have raised. Firstly I would like to welcome you to the world of e-cigarettes and as a former smoker myself I can guarantee that although it seems like a bit of a needle in a haystack at the beginning, once you have the basic knowledge they are fantastic and really quite simple. I do hope I am able to help with your questions and I will do my best. We do have a beginners section on our website at which may answer some of your question but if not please see below ;-
1) Unfortunately there is no real method out there for converting the milligram nicotine measurements of traditional cigarettes with the e-cigarette percentage measurement that most of the brands go with. However most of the brands will have a conversion table on which of theirs match up to the traditional cigarette brands. As an example I contacted Green Smoke via live chat online and they were able to tell me straight away that if you smoke JPS Black you should look to buy 1.2% nicotine cartomisers. The other way to find out is just to try and test some of the different percentages until you find what is right for you. I quite like this about e-cigs as no longer are you forced into to a certain flavour or strength you can test and try as many as you like until you find the perfect vape for you, mixing and matching along the way.
2) As you mentioned yourself this can differ from brand to brand with some having better batteries than others. On average from the ones I have tried and tested you are looking at between 1 and 2 hours to get a full charge but I strongly recommend throughout all the Starter Kit Reviews on the website that either buy a starter kit that comes with more than one battery so if one runs out while you are out and about you will always have a spare or if the starter kit you buy only comes with one you can always buy an extra battery online and for an additional small one off cost it is well worth it so you are never caught short.
3) Again as these can differ from brand to brand I will give an approximate average to hopefully help you understand how and why they are cheaper for you than the traditional cigarettes and the workings behind our savings calculator. One thing to remember is to forget about the batteries when comparing as these are not really measured against amount of traditional cigarettes – you will normally get 2-3 hours solid smoking from a battery before needing to be charged (this is when your spare already charged one comes in to play) but again that is only if you are constantly vaping for 2-3 hours. The thing to look at is the cartomisers, which contain flavour and nicotine. These will usually be the equivalent of around 30 traditional cigarettes again depending on what size drags you take etc. Our numbers are then worked out from the fact that is you smoke 20 a day and pay around £7.20 for a deck at the moment if you are paying £8 for one cartomiser (equivalent to 30 cigarettes) it works out that you are saving around £6.18 a day across the year so a clear saving.
4) Yes there are two main types you will have seen. The typical cigarette lookalike devices that we mostly promote on our website. I highly recommend these to be the best starting point to anyone wanting to try e-cigarettes. They are simple 2 piece designs (battery and cartomiser) which are made to look and feel like traditional cigarettes to make the transition that little bit easier. All you need to do is charge the batteries and replace the cartomisers as and when they run out. However the other type known as “Tanks” are for the more experienced vapers out there due to their complexity. These are not in anyway a cheaper way to vape they are just a little more advanced and customisable. These tend to come in 3 parts and use e-liquid that you have to buy refills for and top it up yourself (a bit like a science experiment). They tend to be much bigger and and look nothing like a cigarette. Most of them are operated with an on/off button rather than just drag and go like the 2 piece designs I mentioned.
I hope I have cleared a few things up for you and things may be a little easier for you to make a decision on where to start. Thanks for your feedback regarding the website as it is always useful to know where we can improve to become more user friendly especially for beginners. Please let me know if you have any other queries at all.
Many thanks

From: Anon
Sent: Tuesday, February 04, 2014 5:15 PM
Subject: Re: A few queries
Many thanks for your helpful reply. It’s cleared up quite a few things!
I have one more question . . . . .
Normally I would take approx ten drags from a JPS Black (0.9mg Nicotine per cig) and smoke one in about 3 – 5 minutes. That suits me for at least an hour before I get the urge to light up another one. I understand the science behind nicotine withdrawal.
However, I’ve read several times that with an e-cig, I’d need a lot more than 10 drags to get the equivalent amount of nicotine and have also read that some people often vape for half an hour or more at a time. This doesn’t make sense to me! Surely, if the e-cig contains a similar % of nicotine compared to the brand I smoke, then I should be able to get the nicotine I want from approx 10-12 drags? Equally, I’m used to smoking a cigarette in 3-5 minutes and so I don’t particularly want to vape for much longer to get the same effect.
Please can you clarify this for me?
Many thanks

Sent: Wednesday, February 05, 2014 2:51 PM
To: Anon
Subject: Re: A few queries
Great Stuff I’m glad I could be of help to you!
As I say once you get into the swing of things and certainly once you have purchased your first Starter Kit you will find that things become easier to understand like terminology, usage etc. and you will begin to get into a vaping routine that suits you.
With regards to your next question below it certainly does begin to boil down to your own personal tastes/habits rather than the science behind it. Of course if you are not methodical or restrained in the way you vape then there is a chance, because of the fact that the ecig does not “burn out” so to speak, that you could find yourself vaping more constantly and frequently, that is until the battery or cartomiser run out. In my experience and opinion the easiest way to make the transition from traditional cigarettes is to use the ecig as you were when previously smoking and this is exactly what I did and still do today. My advice to you would be that you can read so much indifferent and potentially incorrect information online so if you do decide to try ecigs, use them for the same length of time and the same amount of drags as you did with your JPS Blacks. It will only go two ways from here, you will either be totally satisfied with the nicotine intake you are receiving or you will need to either take a few more drags each time or up the percentage of nicotine to satisfy your cravings.
Just remember that many different people use ecigs for different reasons whether it be money saving, trying to quit, health issues, smell of cigarettes or just enjoy a smoke without the foul smells and toxins attached to traditional cigarettes and everybody uses them differently so its all about finding out (sometimes through trial and error) what works best for you. Also it is worth remembering that if you really want to get off traditional cigarettes and you are after an alternative means of getting your nicotine intake then ecigs can help. Although ecigs are not promoted as being “healty” for you and nobody in the industry should be making that claim, one thing is for sure they are a hundred times better for you that Cigarettes so even when you first switch and if you need to take more drags or use it a little longer than before to satisfy your cravings then don’t be too worried about this as it’s easy enough to tone it down going forward.
I hope this helps and good luck!

So there you have it a great question and answers email where hopefully I have managed to help with my opinions and recommendations. As part of Compare-Ecig's mission statement I would urge anybody who has any questions or would like an honest but unbiased opinion please leave me a comment on the website rather than an email and I will always endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

As always Happy Vaping!!

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