Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an Electronic Cigarette?  

It looks like a regular cigarette and provides the user with the perception that they are smoking, without all the harmful effects usually associated with the use of tobacco products. The user can choose from a wide range of flavors, including nicotine and menthol for a more realistic experience as these are the two flavors normally associated with tobacco.

The main difference is that the liquid flavoring is vaporized when the user inhales and the substance being drawn into the lungs and subsequently exhaled is an odorless water vapor. 

  • Are electronic cigarettes better for us?

Medical research and historical information indicate clearly that tobacco contains many chemicals and carcinogens that have a sometimes fatal result for tobacco users. However, the harmful effects do not stop with the user and many individuals subjected to second hand smoke can become ill with smoking related diseases. In recent years bans on smoking in public places have been widely introduced to protect people from the effects of second hand smoke inhalation.

It is widely acknowledged that it is the smoke from the burning tobacco that is the health risk. Electronic cigarette producers recognize this fact and have removed the tobacco from their products. As the electronic cigarette produces an odorless water vapor rather than tobacco smoke, it should allow the users to revert back to enjoy a cigarette in their favorite places without breaking the law.




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