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For all new ecig users or for people first researching electronic cigarettes in general, it can be quite daunting where to begin, with all the strange new terminology like atomisers, cartomisers, vapourisers etc and trying working out which kit to start out with. After spending many months using and reviewing a large amount of products currently on the market, we believe that we are now in the fortunate position of being able to help all those newbies out there who are either struggling to get started or would like to look at alternatives to their current ecig set up.

We believe that the most important aspects of making your buying decision come down to the following preferences.

  • Style & look of e-cigs
  • Battery life
  • Variety of flavours
  • Cost of starter kit
  • Cost of refills (cartomisers)
  • Discounts & promotions

We have therefore put together this handy set of buying recommendations to help you make the right decision in purchasing the ecig most suited to you!

Style & Look

For all those hipsters out there, where style & look is the most important feature of any buying decisions they make, we recommend 2 different brands and give our reasons below;

Greensmoke - The cartomisers used by greensmoke have the realistic patterns of a regular cigarrette, as well as the option to have a orange light on the tip, giving the impression of using a regular cig. They also have a large selection of 'designer batteries'

Skycig - Probably the largest brand in the UK right now, Skycig's unique all-white ecig stands out from the crowd and looks expensive and stylish compared to most other brands. The cartomisers and battery are both small and sleek and look fantastic with skycigs recognisable logo. You also have the option for orange tipped batteries, giving the required authentic look!

Battery Life

The strengh of ecig battery is vitally important, especially if you are going on a night out or use your ecig frequently at work! The last thing you need when having a few drinks out or after a stressful meeting is your battery running out, forcing you into the temptation of buying some regular cigs! Therefore, our recommendation for those who consider battery perfomance as the primary concern:

Skycig - Skycig offer a freedom charging case for £24.99. This means you charge up the actual case instead of the batteries, and the case charges up the batteries on the go, meaning you will never run out of power when out and about. Slick and slim looking, the skycig freedom case allows you to charge up to 5 batteries at any one time, and it will charge your batteries on the go for up to 4 times before the case needs charging itself.


It's all about personal preference really, but nonetheless the variety and quality of flavours is important for some ecig users. If you are experimental and like to mix up your vaping experience, then choice of flavours is definitely important as you don't want to buy a starter kit only to find that their flavour offerings are very limited. Our recommendation for flavour variety is;

Greensmoke - Once again, Greensmoke comes up top of the list, this time for choice of flavours. If you start out with the pro kit, you will get 5 regular tobacco flavoured cartomisers, as well as a variety pack of 5 different flavours for you to sample. When it is time to buy refills, you can find anything from vanilla to chocolate to menthol and even as extraoridinary and unique as mountain clove!

Cost of starter kit

If you want to have a go at vaping for the first time and would like to do it a minimum cost, then there are plenty of options out there. Just be aware that we have heard of a number of people who have tried a very cheaper starter kit first and then been putting off vaping due to the poor quality. Therefore we have made 2 recommendations based on this: one for purely price and the other based on our opinion of value for money and to give you the best chance of enjoying vaping right from the start.

Cheapest starter kit - Neatcigs - you can read our review here.

Value for money starter kit - Greensmoke express kit - you can read our review here.

Cost of cartomisers

Of course it is easy to be duped into buying the cheapest starter kit, only to find out the cost of cartomisers erodes all the value gained. Considering the fact that once most people have switched from tobacco to ecigs, they do so for life, the cost of cartomisers is massively important. You can check full cartomiser prices at the brands own website and they do change price from time to time, but we have provided a recent snapshot of prices in our savings calculator section showing you how much you will save per year as per which ecig brand you choose to go with. Based on that our recommendation is;

Intellicig - Cost of 5 cartomisers is approximately £8 - the cheapest on the market.

Regular discounts and promotions

We keep a regular eye on coupon discounts offered by the brands and offer them to our users here. Discounts are important as you will be making regular purchases at their site once you have decided which brand to go with, therefore regular discounts can have a big impact on your annual vaping cost. On the whole we would say the 2 most active brands in giving decent discounts are:



We hope you find our guide useful and it assists you in making the right decision which suits your own preferences, in the minefield that is electronic cigarettes.

Remember, that a lot of new brands are coming onto the market all the time so don't forget to keep checking out blog and reviews for updates and announcements.

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