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US switch to electronic cigarettes to be replicated in UK

You can name many different products and different markets over the years which have originated in the US and very quickly migrated to other parts of the world. Electronic cigarettes are most certainly one of the more prominent products of the day and continue to take the US market by storm. A recent survey by Wells Fargo Securities entitled "Tobacco Talk" perfectly illustrates the ongoing switch from tobacco cigarettes to their electronic cigarette counterparts.

We have seen an array of comments from politicians, regulators and health officials around the world but very often these are skewed towards a particular angle and a particular opinion. This survey by an unconnected third party in the shape of Wells Fargo Securities confirms an array of suspicions.

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Alternative ways to make use of your Ecig

The Ecig is one of the coolest, most innovative and talked about products on the market right now despite being surrounded by a whirlwind of controversy. Because we love all things ecig at Compare-ecig.com, although we know ecigs were created with the clear purpose of providing smokers an alternative method of getting their nicotine intake without the foul stench, ash dropping and money burning of traditional cigarettes we thought it would be fun to think of some novel ideas of different ways you can make use of your device other than vaping of course! See below for what we came up with ;-

other ecig use

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Our Top 3 Valentines Ecig Deals

"Saint Valentine's Day, also known as Valentine's Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is observed on February 14 each year. It is celebrated in many countries around the world, although it remains a working day in most of them"


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New to Vaping?

Are you new to the world of Vaping? Trying to understand the terminology and have no idea where to start? This is a common problem out there and here at Compare-Ecig we have made it our mission to try and simplify, help, advise and recommend all things ecig no matter what your current level of understanding is. For a great place to start you can check out our beginners section of the website. 


I recently recieved an email from somebody feeling exactly as stated above with so may questions that he couldn't find a straight answer online for. He raised some very valid questions and points which I want to share with you as these questions along with my honest opinions and answers may well help some of you out there with similar burning questions of your own. Please see email chain below ;-

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The Guardian : Don't believe the hype

I read this great piece in The Guardian, written by Nick Green and wanted to share it ;-

Don't believe the hype: e-cigarettes won't ruin society, they changed my life

Anti-vaping crusaders argue e-cigarettes are a gateway to tobacco and aren't safe. They miss that it's about harm reduction.

Protestor Rome

A protester smokes an e-cigarette during a demonstration in Rome, to protest a proposed tax on e-cigarettes.

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